Voluntary Surrender and License Restoration

A customer has the option to voluntarily give up his/her right to drive because he/she may pose a threat to himself/herself or to others.  In some instances a doctor may recommend or insist on this.  Voluntary surrender of a permit/license does not have the negative insurance ramifications that a suspension or revocation of permit/license has.  In addition, upon surrender, the Registry of Motor Vehicles will issue the customer a free Massachusetts ID card.

To voluntarily surrender a permit/license, the customer needs to complete the Voluntary Surrender Affidavit.  Completing this form indicates that the customer understands he/she is giving up his/her permit/license.


License Restoration

If, at any point after voluntarily surrendering his/her permit/license, a customer wishes to resume driving, the Registry of Motor Vehicles may reissue his/her permit/license upon receipt of appropriate medical documentation.  In appropriate circumstances, a competency road test may be required prior to reissuance of a permit/license.

If a customer was given a Massachusetts ID when his/her permit/license was surrendered, the Massachusetts ID must be surrendered before the license can be reinstated.