Types of Programs that Access Information

This section describes each program, provides examples of agencies that are authorized to obtain access, and how an authorized agency gains access.


Agencies outside of the Registry of Motor Vehicles are allowed access to the system for certain permitted uses. Once the IS Security Department approves an agency to be a permitted user, the agency will gain access to the Automated License and Registration System directly or via an online program, depending on the nature of the agency's business. The online programs are designed to assist an agency in determining their needs to access the System.


Direct Registry of Motor Vehicles System Access

Both Massachusetts General Law Chapter 90 Section 30A and the Federal Driver Privacy Protection Act identify the users or agencies that may apply for access. In addition, there are multiple levels of access depending on the requirements of the user or agency. To determine if an agency and its users may obtain direct access to the Registry of Motor Vehicles System, please submit a letter to, or call, the IS Security Department.


Crash Reports Request Program

The Crash Reports Request Program provides access to electronic police accident reports via a Registry of Motor Vehicles Web application. To request access for these types of reports, contact the Crash Data Supervisor.


Driver Vehicle Data Program

The Driver Vehicle Data Program provides access to license and registration searches and driver and registration history searches. A connection to the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators is needed. To request access, submit a letter of request to the MassDOT Registry of Motor Vehicles General Counsel.


Driver Verification System Program

The Driver Verification System Program is used to track changes to a driver's license status and will notify employers of a change in a driving status so that immediate and corrective actions can be taken. For access to the Driver Verification System Program, visit the Driver Verification System homepage and click on "Register Now."


Driver Education Program

The Driver Education Program allows driving schools to submit the names of students that have completed specific driving classes via a Registry of Motor Vehicles Web Application. To qualify for access to this program, the agency must be a licensed Driver Skills Development Program provider, Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course provider, State Courts Against Road Rage class provider, or Motorcycle Basic Rider Course or Motorcycle Experienced Rider Course provider. The provider must submit a letter to the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ Driver Education Program Manager, along with a bond and signed Memorandum of Understanding. See the Sample Bond found on the Registry of Motor Vehicles website.


Electronic Vehicle Registration Program

The Electronic Vehicle Registration Program is a computer-based system that allows agencies to register and title vehicles electronically. To qualify for access to this program, agencies must process at least 50 Registry of Motor Vehicles transactions per month for two months as proof of eligibility. To request access, send a letter to the Electronic Vehicle Registration Program.