Temporary Placard

Disabled parking placards are available for persons with temporary impairments for durations of two to twenty-four months.  


In order to apply for a Temporary Placard, the customer must submit the Application for Disabled Parking Placard/Plate or provide a request from a medical doctor, osteopath, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, chiropractor, optometrist (legal blindness only), podiatrist or physician's assistant to Medical Affairs.


The request must be dated within 30 days, written on professional letterhead and include:

1.  The customer's name and date of birth

2.  Clinical diagnosis

3.  Duration disabled parking is needed

4.  A statement whether the customer: 

a.  Is medically qualified to operate a motor vehicle safely


b.  Should be evaluated by the Registry via a Road Competency Exam


c.  Is not medically qualified to operate a motor vehicle safely


To have a Temporary Placard made Permanent, the Medical Affairs requires a certification from the customer's medical professional that the parking benefit needs to be extended or made permanent.