School Bus, 7D and 7D½ Certificates

This section provides the Registry of Motor Vehicles' current medical policies relating to School Bus, 7D, and 7D½ school pupil transport vehicle certificates.

To be eligible to operate a School Bus, 7D, or 7D½ school pupil transport vehicle, a customer must:

1.  Have to ability to hear normal conversational sounds

2.  Not have a loss of foot, leg, hand, or arm, or other physical defect or limitation likely to interfere with safe driving

3.  Be free from any mental, nervous, heart, organic, or functional disease likely to interfere with safe driving

4.  Be free from addiction to use of narcotics, or habit forming drugs, alcoholic beverages or liquors

5.  Not have a “G” restriction (limit to daylight only) on the driver’s license


School Bus Certificates are issued by the Department of Public Utilities. Please see the Department of Public Utilities Website Forms and Applications section, specifically the "Medical Evaluation Form for School Bus Drivers Only" for medical issues that must be reported to apply for a School Bus certificate.


To qualify for a 7D or 7D½ certificate, a customer must provide to the Registry of Motor Vehicles a completed 7-D School Pupil Transport Certificate Application, which should:

1.  Be fully completed by the physician and the customer

2.  Be one year old or less from the date of the vision screening

3.  Contain the original signatures of the customer and the certifying physician.  No photocopies will be accepted.