Salvage Parts Only Titles

A Salvage Parts Only Title is issued to a vehicle damaged by fire, vandalism, collision, theft, flood, or other occurrence to the point where the insurance company determines that it cannot be repaired. This type of vehicle can never be rebuilt or registered in the Commonwealth and may never be legally driven on a public way. A Salvage Parts Only Title must be applied for within ten days of the declaration of total loss.


To apply for a Salvage Parts Only Title, the following documentation must be submitted to the Registry:

1.  The current Certificate of Title assigned to the insurance company. If the Title was held by the lienholder, a completed Authorization for Payoff of a Salvage Vehicle form must be submitted

2.  A completed RMV-1 Form

3.  Appraisal report from the Insurance Company

4.  The Salvage Title fee. Please see the Title Fees section for the applicable fee.