Rules and Responsibilities of a Non-Registry of Motor Vehicles User

      Users will be held personally accountable for any change to a record, for the cash associated with any change, and for the accuracy of any transaction performed while their System ID is logged in. All activity to the Registry of Motor Vehicles system will be recorded automatically. Daily records which contain information about the date, time, System ID, and functions for all unauthorized access attempts will be reviewed by the Security Administrator.

      Users are not permitted to use information obtained from the Registry of Motor Vehicles except in connection with the user's duties with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. In no event shall the user disclose or convey such information to a third party, other than the person to whom the information pertains, without the prior written consent of the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

      Even if a user accesses the information for a valid purpose and subsequently passes it along to a friend or other non-approved person, he/she has committed a criminal violation. Similarly, making a request for personal reasons or lending the System ID to someone else, who in turn accesses the information, are also criminal violations.

      The selling, bartering, charging a fee for, or receiving any other consideration for the Registry of Motor Vehicles System information is prohibited.

      The use of the Registry of Motor Vehicles System information for the marketing, or commercial sale of computer programs, or hardware is prohibited.

      Screen prints with personal information must be shredded or deposited into a locked shredded box. Never bring the screen prints outside of the workplace. This information should never be in sight of customers.

      Any violation of these rules and responsibilities and/or policies will result in disciplinary action such as criminal proceedings and/or termination of the System ID.