Requesting a Title History Search

To trace the history of a vehicle, a customer may request either a computer printout of the vehicle's previous owner(s) or photocopies of the actual Title transaction documents.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles' Title-related documents are not considered public record, so the customer requesting Title history information must be approved as either a mandatory or permitted user of such information under the Federal Driver Privacy Protection Act. For more information about the Federal Driver Privacy Protection Act, including a list of Permitted Users and Uses, please see the Federal Driver Privacy Protection Act section.


If the customer is requesting only copies of the application and supporting documents that he/she submitted at the time of titling, the Request for Personal Information Application is not required.


To request a Title History Search or to request photocopies of Title transaction documents, a customer must mail the following items to the Registry's Title Division:

1.  A completed Title History Search Request or Photocopy Form

2.  A completed Request for Personal Information Form, unless the customer is requesting photocopies of his/her own RMV-1 Form and supporting documents

3.  Photocopy fee or Registry of Motor Vehicles Computer Records fee. Please see the Title Fees section for the applicable fee