Reporting Medically Impaired Drivers

The Medical Affairs will accept reports that a driver may be medically impaired from family members, health care providers, law enforcement, or other interested third parties, including, but not limited to, members of the driver’s community (such as neighbors), private driving schools, social workers, etc.


Possible licensing actions include:

1.  No further action if the Medical Affairs concludes there is no basis to the complaint

2.  Request that the driver schedule and take a competency road examination and/or an assessment for adaptive equipment and appropriate license restrictions

3.  Request that the driver voluntarily surrender his/her license if the Medical Affairs concludes that the driver is not qualified to operate a motor vehicle safely


A driver who voluntarily surrenders his/her license:

1.  Is eligible to receive a Massachusetts ID free of charge

2.  Receives no negative impact on his/her driving record


If the driver's condition improves, such that he/she is able to provide appropriate documentation of his/her medical qualifications to operate a motor vehicle safely, the license may be restored to its former active status.


If the driver does not comply with the Registry of Motor Vehicles' request to voluntarily surrender the license, the Medical Affairs will notify the Driver Control Unit to schedule a hearing on the matter. If the Driver Control Unit does not find in favor of the driver, then the license may be indefinitely revoked.


Reports that a licensed driver may be unfit to operate a motor vehicle due to an alleged physical or mental condition should be sent to the Medical Affairs.