Private Sale

To obtain a Title for a used vehicle purchased from a non-dealer, the following are  required:

1.  A completed and signed RMV-1 Form. If the vehicle is going to be registered, the RMV-1 Form must be stamped by the insurance company.

2.  One of the following documents must be submitted along with the completed RMV-1 Form:

      The previous owner's Certificate of Title


      The previous registration and a Bill of Sale, if no Title is required for the vehicle because of its age. In Massachusetts, a 1980 model year or older passenger vehicle purchased by the current owner prior to November 26, 1990 would be exempt from titling. Other states may exempt vehicles from their titling requirements based on the model year of the vehicle. If a Bill of Sale is being submitted, the document must list all required information. Additional documentation is required for imported foreign/grey market vehicles and specialty vehicles.

3.  Certificate of Title fee, due at time of submission of the RMV-1 Form. See the Title Fees section for the applicable fee