Police-Ordered Tows

Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 159B Section 6B, a police department or other public authority may order a vehicle to be towed and stored. If the owner does not come to collect the vehicle in a reasonable amount of time, the towing company may acquire ownership of the vehicle and sell it to satisfy a lien for non-payment of storage fees, but only after all of the requirements of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 255 Section 39A are met. The following documents are required:

      Affidavit of Sale for Involuntarily Towed Vehicle

      Certified Letter to owner's last known address

      Newspaper advertisement that appeared for one day per week for three consecutive weeks in the city or town where the vehicle is stored

      Letter to Police Chief detailing the facts and indicating the intent to sell

      Bill of Sale to purchaser


Note: If the owner of the vehicle agrees to the continued storage or repairs of the vehicle, then the garage must follow the procedures outlined in the Mechanic's Garage and Stored Vehicle Liens section