Out-of-State Salvage Titles

All out-of-state salvage vehicles, regardless of the vehicle’s year of manufacture, must pass a Salvage Inspection before they can be registered or titled.  Please see the Salvage Inspections section for more information about the inspection process.


The Registry does not honor out-of-state salvage inspections unless the Registrar and the motor vehicle administrators of those states have previously agreed to accept each others’ inspections. At this time, Massachusetts will only honor a New Hampshire salvage inspection if the inspection was done for a New Hampshire resident or a New Hampshire dealer. Massachusetts residents and Massachusetts dealers must have vehicles inspected in Massachusetts.


The Registrar may issue a Salvage Title in Massachusetts for a vehicle which has a Salvage Title from another state. If the vehicle is transferred from another state without a Salvage Title, the new owner or transferee must apply for a Salvage Title in Massachusetts.