Musculo-Skeletal Impairment

The Medical Affairs has determined that a customer who suffers from a musculo-skeletal condition as severe as to prevent him/her from performing self-care may be functionally unable to operate a motor vehicle safely. Therefore, he/she requires an individual assessment of his/her operating ability in the form of a medical certification from a health care provider.


A customer who is medically determined to have a musculo-skeletal condition which renders him/her unable to perform self-care is eligible for a Class D, Class M, or Class D/M permit/license if his/her health care provider provides a written statement with all of the following to the Medical Affairs:

1.  The customer's name and date of birth

2.  The status of the customer's musculo-skeletal condition

3.  Accompanying symptomatology

4.  A list of medications and dosages

5.  A certification that, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, the customer is medically qualified to operate a motor vehicle safely and the customer's medications and dosages will not interfere with the safe operation of a motor vehicle


A health care provider may use the Registry of Motor Vehicles' Medical Evaluation Form to deliver this evaluation.