Misuse of Disability (HP) Plate or Placard

The use of a Disability (HP) Placard or the special privileges associated with a Disability (HP) Plate are restricted to the person to whom the placard or plate is issued.


Anyone using a placard in a Handicap Parking space that was issued to another person is placard abuse. Any tampering or altering a placard is placard abuse. Using a photocopy of a placard is placard abuse. Anyone using a Disability (HP) plate in a Handicap Parking space without the Disability (HP) Plate holder either entering or exiting the vehicle is plate abuse.


A customer found to be misusing a placard is subject to fines, loss of placard parking privileges, and even license suspension. Misuse of a Disability (HP) Plate or Placard may result in suspension or revocation of the Plate or Placard. Police departments can confiscate placards that are being abused and request that the RMV immediately cancel the placard.


The Registrar will suspend for 30 days the license or right to operate of a person who misuses a Disability (HP) Plate or Placard. Anyone who wrongfully displays a Disability (HP) Placard is subject to a fine of $500 to $1000.