Medical Affairs Policy

This section provides the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ current medical affairs policy.


The Medical Affairs performs two main functions:

1.  Issues disabled parking plates and placards

2.  Sets policies and procedures regarding minimum physical qualifications to operate motor vehicles


The Medical Affairs issues Disability (HP) Plates and Placards to qualified Massachusetts residents who meet its eligibility criteria and determines the minimum physical qualifications for the safe operation of a motor vehicle as recommended by the Registry's Medical Advisory Board. The Medical Advisory Board is appointed by the Registry of Motor Vehicles by statute (Massachusetts General Law chapter 90, section 8C). The Board is chaired by an appointee of the Commissioner of Public Health and consists of a panel of thirteen qualified physicians, one optometrist, and one chiropractor.


Customers with Medical Conditions

Massachusetts is a self-reporting state. Therefore, it is a customer's responsibility to report any medical condition that may affect his/her ability to operate a motor vehicle. If a customer has a medical condition which he/she believes may affect his/her ability to operate, he/she must report the condition to the Registry of Motor Vehicles and not operate a motor vehicle until the condition is resolved. A customer is legally responsible for his/her actions behind the wheel.


There are no mandatory reporting laws for health care providers to report persons who may be unsafe to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.


Massachusetts ID or Liquor ID

There are no medical requirements to obtain a Massachusetts ID or Liquor ID.