License Restriction Codes

The following restrictions on driver's permits/licenses are based on medical conditions that require the customer to wear/carry specific equipment while driving, or make specific changes to his/her vehicle.


The various restrictions are:

B Restriction (Corrective Lenses)

C Restriction (Mechanical Aid)

D Restriction (Prosthetic Aid)

E Restriction (Automatic Transmission)

F Restriction (Outside Mirrors)

G Restriction (Daylight-Only)

J Restriction (Other—Restriction Defined on the Back of the License)

P Restriction (For Use with Certified Driving Instructor Only)

R Restriction (Bioptic Telescopic Lens)

S Restriction (Proof of Current Blood Sugar Level)

W Restriction (Commercial Motor Vehicle Intrastate Only with Medical Waiver)

V Restriction (Commercial Motor Vehicle Interstate Federal Medical Variance)


For a list of all Registry of Motor Vehicles' license restrictions, please see the  List of Restrictions page.