Kit Cars

A Kit Car is a motor vehicle that is sold as a set of parts by a manufacturer and the buyer assembles the parts into a complete vehicle. Usually the kit consists of a body, which is then attached to an existing chassis.


A customer must have all of the following to title a kit:

1.  A completed RMV-1 Form

2.  Certificate of Origin from the kit manufacturer (if a commercial car kit has been used) or Certificate of Title for the vehicle used as the source of the chassis (if the vehicle was previously titled)

3.  Bill of Sale or invoice from the manufacturer of the kit car or Specialty vehicle

4.  Bill of Sale for each used major component such as engine, transmission, etc. used in constructing the specialty vehicle. Bills of Sale must list the vehicle identification number of each major component part

5.  A vehicle identification number will be assigned by the State Police


A customer cannot sell or register a kit car until he/she has applied for a new Title and has the vehicle inspected by the Registry. The purpose of the inspection is to assign a Vehicle Identification Number and to determine if the vehicle or any of its parts are stolen. For more information, please see Massachusetts Assigned Vehicle Identification Number section. The inspection is not a safety inspection.