When a customer sells a motor vehicle in a private transaction, he/she must write the following on the Assignment of Title section provided on the back of the Certificate of Title:

      Date of sale

      Purchase price

      Name, address, and signature of the buyer(s)

      Name, address, and signature of the seller(s)

      Odometer reading


Note: If the Title does not have a sales price section or if the vehicle was exempt from title, then the customer must complete a Bill of Sale.


Transferring Salvage Vehicles for Individuals

The owner of a Total Loss Salvage motor vehicle must disclose to the buyer or transferee that the vehicle has a Salvage Title.


The owner of a Total Loss Salvage motor vehicle for which a Salvage Title has been issued must sign the Title over to the new owner on the space provided on the Title and deliver the Title to the new owner. The new owner must apply for a new Salvage Title within ten days of delivery.


If an owner wishes to sell a salvaged vehicle that he/she has repaired, he/she must take it through the salvage inspection process and apply for a Reconstructed or a Recovered Theft Title, whichever applies. If the vehicle has not been repaired, the owner should advise the buyer that the inspection and Title process is required before the vehicle can be registered to drive.


For more information on Salvage Titles, please see the Total Loss/Salvage Vehicle Process section.