First-Time Agency Access

Agencies that wish to gain access to the Registry of Motor Vehicles system should follow the directions in the subsections of the Types of Programs and Access Information section. Direct all general inquiries to the IS Security Department.


The IS Security Department will determine whether or not an agency is eligible for access based on the Federal Driver Privacy Protection Act and the Massachusetts General Laws. The agency must be a permitted user for both laws, and must have a permitted use in order to be approved. Refer to the Permitted Users and Uses of Personal Information section to determine eligibility.


Security Contact

If approved, the agency must designate a Security Contact, who will serve as the liaison between the agency and the IS Security Department. There should only be one Security Contact per agency.

The security contact's responsibilities will be to:

      Add, delete, and maintain users' status and information with the Registry of Motor Vehicles (address change, email change, etc.)

      Maintain the agency's status with the Registry of Motor Vehicles (address change, change in security contact, etc.)

      Complete all request forms and ensure the users read and sign all forms required for their continued access

      Ensure users abide by the Rules and Responsibilities and the Use of Technology Guidelines

      Ensure at least one user from the agency attends training. This requirement does not apply to insurance companies and insurance agencies.



The Security Contact of an approved agency may add, delete, or change the authorizations of a user by filling out the User Request Form, which can be obtained from the IS Security Department. Please indicate somewhere on the form if the user needs to be trained.


The user's personal information will be subject to verification. All forms submitted are public documents. However, the IS Security Department will never reveal a user's Social Security Number.