For new vehicles, the Dealer Assignment section on the back of the Certificate of Origin is used to transfer ownership either to another dealer, or to a customer. The assignment must include the following:

      Selling dealer’s name and authorized signature

      Date of purchase

      The odometer reading at the time of the sale

      Buyer’s name and address


For used vehicles, a Massachusetts-licensed dealer may reassign a Certificate of Title to a new owner using the Reassignments by Licensed Dealer provided on the back of the title. In addition to the information required for a new vehicle listed above, an assignment by a dealer must also include:

      Dealer's license number

      Dealer's name and address


Dealer Reassignment Form (DRT-1)

A Dealer Reassignment Form is a secured supplemental form only to be used for the following:

      To transfer ownership when all reassignments on the Certificate of Title are complete

      As an authorization for payoff reassignment when a dealer takes a vehicle in trade and pays off the loan

      If the vehicle is traded in to a dealer and the original Title is not available and a Duplicate Title is needed


DRT-1 Forms may be obtained from the Registry. The Massachusetts Independent Automobile Dealers Association and the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association also supply these forms to their members.


To obtain DRT-1 Forms from the Registry, complete the Application for Dealer Assignment Form and fax or mail it to the address listed on the application along with a copy of the Dealers license, if required.


Dealer Assignment for Out-of-State Titles

A Massachusetts dealer may use a reassignment of Title on the back of an out-of-state Title. However, if no space is available on the Title certificate for a dealer endorsement, the dealer must complete a Dealer Reassignment Form and attach it to the out-of-state Title.


Dealer Assignment for Salvage Titles

A dealer licensed under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140 Section 59, does not need to apply for a new Salvage Title. In this instance a dealer may accept the Salvage Title with delivery of a vehicle, hold the vehicle for resale, and simply assign the Salvage Title to a new owner in the same manner as a normal Title.