Applying for a Replacement Placard

A customer may apply for a replacement Permanent Placard if his/her current placard has been lost or mutilated.

To apply for a replacement Permanent Placard, the customer should:

1.  Submit a written request to the Medical Affairs stating why the duplicate/replacement placard is needed

2.  Include his/her name, address, social security number, date of birth, and the Permanent Placard number or date the Permanent Placard was first issued


The customer's request must be signed and dated, and all placard holders must have an image on the Registry of Motor Vehicles' computer system.


The original placard is no longer valid when a replacement placard is issued. A customer should begin using his/her new placard immediately. The former placard will be invalidated and its continued use may result in a citation. Should the original placard be found, it is to be returned to the Registry of Motor Vehicles immediately.