Voter Registration

To register to vote in Massachusetts, the customer is required to be:

1.  A United States citizen

2.  A Massachusetts resident

3.  At least 16 years old for pre-registration. However, to be eligible to actually vote, the customer must be at least 18 on or before the election


In order to vote in a future election, the customer must be registered 20 days before all primaries and elections and/or ten days before a special town meeting.


If the customer is eligible to vote, he/she can register to vote when he/she conducts a permit/license/ID card transaction at an full service or limited service RMV Service Center. If the customer is already registered to vote, selecting “no” to the question “Would you like to register to vote?” will not unregister the customer.


If the customer answers “no” to the question, “Are you a citizen of the United States of America?,” he/she is not eligible to vote and does not need to complete section three in the Voter Registration section of the permit/license/ID card application.