Scheduling an Alternate Road Exam for Class D Driver School Students Policy

Alternative/Off Hours Road Test Policy Overview

Alternative /Off Hours Road Tests are available for Professional Driving Schools outside of the regular business hours of the RMV.


The same policies for these tests apply to all participating Professional Driving Schools.  The RMV’s policy is that an Alternative /Off Hours Road Test must evaluate a driver’s skills in the same way as a standard road test.


An Alternative/Off-Hours Road Test reservation will be made available to a Professional Driving School based on the date and time that the RMV receives the request for Alternative/Off-Hours Road Test in a manner and format required by the RMV. Availability is dependent on the availability of RMV Road Test Examiner personnel.


During an Alternative /Off Hours Road Test, vehicles and sponsors provided by schools are subject to all RMV rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.


The RMV will check instructor credentials and vehicle(s) at each scheduled alternative road test.  The school must have a valid Professional Driving Instructor Certificate and a vehicle that meets RMV Safety and Emission Regulatory Requirements.  If not, the test will be denied and any fees collected will be forfeited.


Driving schools cannot conduct financial transactions at a test site or in the testing vehicle.  All tests will be cancelled and fees will be forfeited if financial transactions are seen by Registry personnel.  This ensures safety and integrity.  This policy is strictly enforced.


Scheduling Procedures

Alternative /Off Hours Road Test requests are accepted every Monday for the next available test dates. This will be for the weekend after the upcoming weekend. Requests are scheduled based on the time they are received in the RMV Road Test Account and on examiner availability. Requests are not accepted earlier than 8:01 on Monday morning (even if Monday is a holiday).


All requests must be submitted to the RMV email address provided to Professional Driving Schools. The subject line of the email should contain the name of the Driving School and the requested test date.  The Alternative /Off Hours Road Test Request Form is an Excel spreadsheet. Schools are provided the required form.  Requests not submitted by email in the required format will not be accepted.  The school is responsible for submitting accurate student information. This includes the correct name, date-of-birth, and permit number. To be eligible for an Alternative/Off Hours Road Test, students may not have any other RMV road test scheduled.


When Monday is a holiday, scheduling requests and payments will continue to be submitted on Monday for processing by the RMV on Tuesday.


Applicant Requirements

Professional Driving Schools must have at least twenty (20) applicants to schedule Alternative /Off Hours Road Tests.


Each applicant must have a Driver Education Certificate before the Alternative /Off Hours Road Test request is submitted. An applicant without a Driver Education Certificate posted to the applcant’s record will be rejected. If this causes the request to have less than twenty (20) applicants, the entire request will be rejected.  After a request is submitted, no additions are allowed.  Cancelations must be received by the RMV by 4:00 pm on the Friday eight (8) days before the scheduled test. Cancellations received after 4:00 will incur the Alternative/Off Hours Road Test fee.


The Driver Education Certification Request Form must be used to request certificates. It is available on the RMV website:


Driver Education Certification Request Form – PDF version

Driver Education Certification Request Form – Word version


Requests must be mailed to:


Registry of Motor Vehicles

Driver Education Certificate Department

P.O. Box 55889

Boston, MA 02205-5889


Schools that cannot meet the requirement of twenty (20) applicants may coordinate with other schools to meet this number.



A twenty dollar ($20.00) Alternative/Off Hours Road Test fee will be charged for each applicant. The fee will be collected on the Monday after the request is submitted.  The Professional Driving School must contact the Alternative/Off Hours Road Test Scheduling Department to make payment.


Conducting Alternative/Off Hours Road Tests

Schools will be contacted by 5:00 pm on the Wednesday after scheduling the Alternative/Off Hours Road Tests by the Road Test Scheduling Department to confirm acceptance of the roster and to schedule a start time and confirm a location for the road tests.


A school must have one (1) vehicle for every thirty (30) students scheduled. There is a maximum of sixty (60) students that can be booked per request.


Schools will be scheduled for a morning time slot or an afternoon time slot, depending on the available examiners. Slots are determined on an individual basis at the discretion of the Road Test Supervisor.


Tests may be held at the auto school location or an RMV Service Center location. This is determined by the Road Test Supervisor.


Applicants do not need to be tested in the order they are scheduled on the master list.


When the tests are completed, the RMV Examiner will keep the road test applications.


Licensing Procedures for Applicants of Alternative/Off Hours Road Tests

Applicants scheduled for Alternative/Off Hours Road Tests should contact the RMV to pre-pay all required license and road test fees.


When an applicant passes the test, the RMV Examiner will validate the back of the permit. It will become a temporary license that is valid for 30 days.