Republic of Korea

A valid Korean license that is in good standing and equivalent to a Massachusetts Class D license can be converted as long as the customer is at least 18 and meets the RMV’s residency and identification requirements.  The customer will not be required to take a learner’s permit exam or road test in order to convert the Korean license.


Once converted, the Korean license must be surrendered to the RMV. Korean licenses will be stored at the Korean Consulate and will be returned to a customer if he/she intends to permanently return to Korea.  If the customer makes a temporary visit to the Republic of Korea, the Korean Consulate will return the Korean license and hold the customer’s MA license until he/she returns the Korean license.


Conversion Requirements

To convert a Korean license, a customer must meet the following requirements:


    Must be at least 18 years of age

      Must meet the Massachusetts residency requirements (including all visa requirements)

      Must meet the RMV’s identification requirements

      The license cannot be expired, suspended, or revoked


Required Documentation

The customer must present the following to the RMV:


    A Driver’s License Translation completed and stamped by the Korean consulate.


The consulate’s phone number is 617-641-2830.

Its website is


Its address is:


One Gateway Center, Suite 251

300 Washington Street

Newton, MA 02458


    An original, unaltered driving record, certified by the Korean National Police Agency (NPA), which was issued no more than 60 days earlier.  The driving record must indicate that the applicant is currently licensed to operate a passenger motor vehicle.


This driving record is only available in Korea.  If the customer does not have one, he/she is not eligible for license conversion and will require a written test and a road test.


If the driving record has any points due to driving offenses, the Korean consulate will provide an addendum to the driving record to explain each driving offense.