Public Driving Record

The Registry of Motor Vehicles tracks the history of a customer’s Public Driving Record. This record lists three types of events that can cause loss of driving privileges:

1.  Civil motor vehicle infractions

2.  Criminal violations

3.  Motor vehicle accidents where the customer is found to be more than 50 percent at fault


The customer's Massachusetts Public Driving Record is not considered clean if he/she meets any of the following conditions:

1.  Has experienced any surchargeable incidents (e.g., at-fault accidents, moving violations) under Massachusetts law or the law of another state

2.  Has had his/her permit/license suspended for committing drug or alcohol related motor vehicle violations

3.  Has been convicted for violating any drug or alcohol related laws in Massachusetts or another state


A customer’s clean Public Driving Record will not be affected by a seat belt violation because the seat belt violation is not a moving violation and is not an event subject to surcharge for insurance policies.


A Request for a Public Driving Record application must be used by a customer looking for a copy of his/her Public Driving Record, or picking up one for someone else.


A Request for Public Driving Record may also be processed through the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ website.