Political Parties and Designations

The customer can only select one party or political designation from the following list:




      No Party (unenrolled)

      Political Designation (not a political party)


If the customer selects “Political Designation (not a political party),” he/she is required to write in his/her choice of the following:

      America First Party

      American Independent Party

      American Term Limits

      Conservative Party

      Constitution Party

      Green Party USA


      Interdependent 3rd Party

      Massachusetts Independent Party

      Natural Law Party

      New Alliance Party

      New World Council


      Pizza Party

      Prohibition Party

      Rainbow Coalition

      Reform Party


      United Independent Party

      Twelve Visions Party

      Timesizing Not Downsizing

      Veterans Party America

      We The People

      Working Families

      World Citizens Party


An unenrolled voter is a voter who has not declared his/her voting intention. In other words, he/she has not chosen to belong to the Democratic, Republican, or any other party. By selecting “no party,” the customer may still vote in general elections. In addition, during the primary elections, unenrolled voters may select in which party's primary they would like to vote; however, they may still only vote in one primary election for each election cycle.


The customer will receive confirmation of his/her voter status from the city/town within two to three weeks from the date he/she registered with the Registry of Motor Vehicles.


If the customer has any questions on the political parties or designations, or on the voting process, he/she should refer to the Secretary of the Commonwealth Elections Division website.