Photo-Image and Signature Capture Policy

This section provides the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ current photo-image and signature capture policy.


A customer applying for a permit/license/ID card, an inspector license, or a disability placard must have his/her photo-image and signature captured by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

1.  The captured photo-image must be a straightforward view of the customer.

2.  All of the customer's facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, etc.) must be visible.

3.  The photo-image must provide a clear view of the customer's face as a whole. A solid or transparent facial cover (scarf, veil, eyeglasses/sunglasses, goggles, surgical or dust mask, etc.) is not acceptable.

4.  Eyeglasses, including reading or prescription glasses, are not allowed, even if the customer normally wears them.

5.  A hat or other head cover is not acceptable, but if worn for medical or religious reasons, it may be allowed if it does not hide any facial features.

6.  Natural facial hair and hairpieces may be acceptable unless the overall effect disguises the customer's true facial appearance or facial features are obscured.

7.  Permanent facial tattoos are acceptable but temporary tattoos are not.

8.  Bluetooth headsets are not acceptable.



Upon renewal, a new photo is required if the current photo is fourteen or more years old or was taken before the customer’s 21st birthday.  If a new photo is required, the customer must visit an RMV Service Center for the renewal.


One Year Photo Extension

An applicant for the renewal of a driver’s license or ID card who needs a new photograph can be given a one year extension of the use of the current photograph.  A licensed physician must certify that the customer’s appearance has temporarily been changed due to medical treatment.


The fee for this transaction is $25.  The new license or ID will be valid for one year.  The customer will need to renew the license or ID in one year (at the normal fee) with a new photograph.  This extension can only be given one time.


The One Year Photo Extension Application must be completed and signed by both the customer and a licensed physician.