Parental Consent

A customer applying for a Massachusetts permit/license/ID card who is under 18 (a minor) must obtain written consent from a parent, a legal guardian, a social worker, or a boarding school headmaster.


For a permit/license/ID card application, a person gives written consent by signing the Parental Consent section of the permit/license/ID card application. If the person signing the application is not a parent, documentation of the person’s relationship status must be shown at the time of the permit/ID card application and, for a license, a letter from a court proving legal guardianship must be shown at the time of the road test. The documentation must prove that the parent does not have custody of the minor and that the person giving consent is at least 21, is in charge of disciplining the minor, and is living with the minor.


A social worker of the Child Guardian Division of the Department of Public Welfare may sign consent if he/she has guardianship of the customer. If a customer is a full-time boarding student, the principal or headmaster of the boarding school may sign consent.


If the customer is under 18 years old and wants to apply for a permit/license/ID card, he/she does not have to obtain written consent if he/she can provide a valid marriage certificate or legal emancipation court document.