Out-of-State License Conversions

If a customer has an out-of-state Class D or Class M license that is current or has been expired for less than a year, it may be transferred to a Massachusetts license if the customer meets the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ identification and eligibility requirements. The customer’s out-of-state license must indicate that he/she holds full driving privileges in that state.


The customer’s right to operate will be verified through the Commercial Driver License Information System (CDLIS) and the National Driver Register (NDR) to determine if it is suspended, revoked, cancelled, withdrawn, or disqualified in any state or the District of Columbia.


An out-of-state license that indicates a limit on the customer’s right to operate, due to drug, alcohol or habitual traffic offender violations or similar activity may NOT be transferred to a Massachusetts driver’s license and the customer may not be eligible for a Massachusetts license. If any restriction is present on the license the customer may need to provide a driving record so that the Registry of Motor Vehicles can establish his/her eligibility for a Massachusetts license. The customer may also need to provide additional documentation of eligibility for a Massachusetts license to address any medical restrictions that may be present on the out-of-state license.


If a customer has the restriction for Corrective Lenses, the results of the Registry of Motor Vehicles vision test or submission of a Vision Screening Certificate will determine whether or not he/she receives the same restriction on his/her Massachusetts license.


If it is determined that a customer does not qualify for a Massachusetts license, he/she has a right to appeal a decision of the Registry to the Board of Appeal on Motor Vehicle Liability Policies & Bonds.