National Driver Register Verification

Prior to a transaction (such as the granting of a new license, a duplicate of a license, or the reinstatement/renewal of a license) which will cause either a change to or reinstatement of a license expiration date, when the current National Driver Register response on the customer record is more than 90 days old (expired) for a passenger license or more than 24 hours old (expired) for a commercial driver’s license, an inquiry is submitted to National Driver Register to obtain a current status. The response received from the National Driver Register determines the customer's eligibility to proceed with the transaction.


The Automated License and Registration System sends an inquiry to the National Driver Register to check whether the customer’s right to operate is currently suspended or revoked in another state. Any person with an out-of-state license suspension or revocation will be prevented from receiving a Massachusetts permit/license until he/she resolves the problem.