Motorcycle License through Massachusetts Rider Education Program Course

To get a Class M license using the Massachusetts Rider Education Program Course, a customer may have the Registry of Motor Vehicles road test portion of the examination process waived by taking and passing a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Education Course. Customers who take a motorcycle safety course at a Massachusetts based Motorcycle Training School may prepay their Registry of Motor Vehicles license fees, in which case the school will directly process the driver’s license online with the Registry of Motor Vehicles.


A license cannot be processed online if the customer has passed an Massachusetts Rider Education Program course but has not prepaid his/her Registry of Motor Vehicles license fees or has outstanding obligations that cause the online transaction to fail, such as:

1.  Unpaid parking tickets, excise tax, child support, or E-ZPass/Fast Lane violations

2.  Pending suspension due to outstanding warrants

3.  Suspended or revoked status

4.  Expired Class M permit

5.  Has not met all junior operator license requirements

6.  Holds a Massachusetts ID card or liquor ID card


These customers must satisfy all outstanding issues and, once done, the Class M license can be issued by visiting an RMV Service Center and presenting the following documents:

1.  Massachusetts Rider Education Program Certificate of Completion, completed and stamped within the last 90 days

2.  Valid motorcycle permit

3.  Completed license application


If under 18 years of age, the customer must do all of the following:

1.  Obtain parent’s or guardian’s signature on the application

2.  Complete Driver's Education

3.  Hold a valid permit for a minimum of six months

4.  Have a clean driving record for six months


Massachusetts Rider Education Program Certificates of Completion are only valid for 90 days.


Customers who have taken and passed an out-of-state Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Education Course may submit their certificate of completion to the Registry of Motor Vehicles in order to have the Registry of Motor Vehicles road test waived. Customers who wish to do so must mail a completed application to the Registry of Motor Vehicles within 90 days of the class graduation date, along with the following:

1.  Copy of Massachusetts motorcycle learner’s permit

2.  Copy of Motorcycle Safety Foundation Completion Card

3.  Copy of Basic Rider Course Skill Evaluation score sheet knowledge exam


The Class M motorcycle license will be added to the customer’s record and a new updated license will be issued. The license will be mailed to the customer within 15 days of receipt of the application.

a.  Members of the military stationed outside of Massachusetts who take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course are not required to take a Registry of Motor Vehicles motorcycle permit test. Their license will be issued upon presenting the materials listed above and paying the fees for the Class M learner’s permit exam and for issuing the license.