Learner’s Permit Exam

A customer is required to take a learner’s permit exam when applying for a learner's permit.


Class D and M learner’s permit exams are available on a walk-in basis only during regular RMV Service Center hours, up until one hour before the service center’s closing time.


The following are not allowed in the testing area:

1.  Food or drinks

2.  Children – If the customer does not have someone with him/her to watch the child, the customer’s exam must be rescheduled.

3.  Animals – The only exception to this policy is service animals (any animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability).

4.  Driver’s Manuals, books, or other written materials.


The following items are allowed in the testing area, but cannot be used by the customer:

1.  Electronic devices - All electronic devices must be turned off and put underneath the customer’s chair.

2.  Headphones – Headphones or earpieces must be removed before the customer takes the exam.

3.  Bags – The customer cannot open any bag and must keep it on the floor under the chair.


The customer is responsible for all of his/her belongings. Registry of Motor Vehicles employees cannot hold a customer’s belongings while he/she is taking an exam.


If a customer is taking multiple learner’s permit exams and needs to take a break between them, he/she can have a representative pause the exam session and resume it when he/she returns.


Any time a representative receives an application for a Class M learner’s permit exam, he/she must check the restriction field to ensure that the customer does not have a Z restriction. If the customer has a Z restriction, he/she is not eligible to take the Class M learner’s permit exam until the Z restriction is lifted or has expired.


A $5 fee will be charged for each Driver’s Manual, Motorcycle Manual, or Commercial Driver’s License Manual purchased in a service center. The fee for a driving school to purchase a case of Driver’s Manuals will be $150.