Driver’s Education Certificate

In order to apply for a road test for a Class D or M license, a customer under 18 must have a driver's education certificate electronically on file with the Registry of Motor Vehicles from a licensed driving school or a high school program that is approved by the Registrar. If the customer took a driver’s education course in his/her previous home state, he/she must provide evidence that he/she has successfully completed a course that meets Massachusetts standards and convert the out-of-state driver’s education certificate to a Massachusetts driver’s education certificate.


During driver’s education, a customer must be exposed to the following experiences as part of his/her road training:

1.  Highway driving, including entering and exiting, changing lanes, and passing a vehicle

2.  Navigating an intersection without traffic signals

3.  Yielding to traffic and merging with traffic

4.  Pulling off the road safely

5.  Navigating a rotary or roundabout

6.  Stopping for pedestrians

7.  Varying vehicle speeds to accommodate driving setting and road conditions

8.  Parking the vehicle in a parking space on the side of the road and in a parking lot

9.  Backing the vehicle in and out of a parking space

10. Making three-point turns

11. Starting, stopping, and turning the vehicle on a hill