Deaf and Hard of Hearing Road Tests

A Deaf and Hard of Hearing customer can schedule a road test by calling 1-877-RMV-TTDD (1-877-768-8833). The customer should describe his/her request and include his/her phone number, residential address, and e-mail address. The Driver Licensing Department will contact the Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to arrange for an interpreter. Once this has been set up, the customer will be contacted to schedule the road test. Before the start of the road test, the examiner will have a discussion with the customer and the interpreter to determine the best way to communicate. The examiner will explain the elements of the test and will go over the hand signals that will be used during the test. The customer and the interpreter will also be provided with a written description of the road test and the required elements to review before starting the test.


If the customer has any questions during the road test, he/she will be allowed to pull over to the side of the road (when safe to do so) and communicate with the examiner.