Customers 65 Years or Older

For customers 65 years or older who need only a Massachusetts ID card, but who lack one or more of the required acceptable forms of identification, the identification requirements can be waived by an RMV Service Center Manager as long as all of the following conditions are met:

1.  The customer provides a Social Security number or acceptable Denial Notice

2.  The manager is satisfied that the customer is 65 or older, based upon a review of relevant documents or representations by the customer and/or by an accompanying sponsor.

3.  The manager is satisfied that the customer is a Massachusetts resident, based upon a review of relevant documents, at least one of which contains the current residential address.

4.  The customer provides one or more additional documents that the manager believes to be valid and to be a reasonable substitute for an identification document.

5.  The customer is accompanied to the Registry of Motor Vehicles by a sponsor, who may be a family member or an unrelated person, who is at least 21 years of age and possesses either a valid Massachusetts license or Massachusetts ID card.

6.  The sponsor completes an Affidavit of Sponsor in Support of a Person Aged 65 or Older Seeking a Massachusetts ID Card form to the satisfaction of the manager and signs the form in the manager's presence.