Cheating Policy

A customer will automatically fail the learner’s permit exam and will not be allowed to retake the exam for 60 days and will not be allowed to hold any type of permit/license for 60 days if he/she is caught cheating or trying to cheat on a learner’s permit exam. The customer will also have to pay a reinstatement fee.


The customer is considered to be cheating if he/she does any of the following:

1.  Uses a cell phone or any electronic device during the exam

2.  Talks to another person in the testing area about a question on the exam

3.  Has answers written down on any materials or on him/herself

4.  Uses a Driver’s Manual or other book during the exam

5.  Takes an unauthorized person into the testing area

6.  Has somebody else take the exam for him/her


If a customer is caught cheating on the learner’s permit exam, but wants to dispute this, he/she can apply for a hearing with the Board of Appeals.