Cancellations and Fees

A customer can cancel or reschedule a road test at no additional fee if he/she calls the Registry of Motor Vehicles and gives more than 72 hours notice.


When a public school system cancels classes for weather-related reasons, road tests scheduled in that school system’s community may be cancelled at the discretion of the RMV.   Road tests will also be canceled automatically when the Governor declares a state of emergency. If the Governor declares an emergency in a particular region, only road tests in that region will be canceled.


Road Test Examiners may also cancel road tests when weather conditions are considered unsafe. To determine if a road test has been canceled, a customer can call the Registry of Motor Vehicles or check the website. In any of the preceding cases, a new road test can be scheduled at no additional fee.


A customer will be charged the road test fee if he/she:

1.  Fails the test

2.  Is unprepared for the test

3.  Is refused the test because his/her vehicle fails to pass the examiner’s inspection

4.  Does not bring a qualified sponsor

5.  Fails to appear for or is late for his/her test

6.  Cancels or reschedules his/her test less than 72 hours before the scheduled test time


Online Payment of Road Test/License Fees

Class D and M road test and license fees can be paid online using the “Pay My Road Test/License Fees” transaction.  This can be done before or after a customer passes the road test and will eliminate the need to visit an RMV Service Center.  After passing the road test and if all fees have been paid, the permit will be stamped in the Validation section and immediately serve as a temporary license while the permanent license is mailed.