Bioptic Telescopic Lens

If the customer uses a bioptic telescopic lens, he/she is eligible to receive a Class D permit/license if he/she meets all of the following conditions:

1.  Has at least 20/40 distant visual acuity through the telescope

2.  Has at least 20/100 distant visual acuity through the carrier lens

3.  Has at least 20/100 distant visual acuity through the other lens

4.  Has at least 120 degrees combined horizontal peripheral field of vision


The bioptic telescopic lens used by the customer must meet all the following conditions:

1.  Must be monocular (the telescope is required to be on one eye only).

2.  Must be fixed focus (the telescope is not acceptable if it needs to be rotated to focus).

3.  Magnification cannot exceed three times.

4.  Must be spectacle-mounted and an integral part of the lens (the customer cannot use clip-on or hand-help telescopes).

5.  Must be located so as not to occlude the customer's line of sight and not to occlude the visual field in the customer's other eye (the telescope must be affixed to the upper quadrant of the lens).


The customer is not eligible for a permit/license if the certifying physician or optometrist has checked "No" next to any of the bioptic telescopic lens criteria on the Vision Screening Certificate.


Due to technical limitations, customers who wear a bioptic telescopic lens cannot be deemed vision qualified by taking the vision screening test. These customers must submit a Vision Screening Certificate.


A customer who uses a bioptic telescopic lens is not eligible for a Class M or Commercial Driver’s License permit/license.