Application Cannot be Processed

The Registrar reserves the right to not process any permit/license/ID card application if she has a good faith reason to believe any of the following:

1.  Any document presented is not genuine or has been altered, defaced, or rendered unreadable to such an extent that it cannot be relied on.

2.  Any document contains a photograph or photo-image of the customer that bears little or no resemblance to the customer.

3.  The customer is not the individual represented in the application and supporting documents.

4.  The customer does not satisfy the requirement for minimum age, genuine signature, legal status, or status as a Massachusetts resident.

5.  The customer has presented a Social Security number that does not validate as being issued to him/her or that was not obtained in a lawful manner from the Social Security Administration.


A good faith reason is one that is based on objective facts and observations, such as statements from the customer, or information obtained from usually reliable sources.


If an RMV Service Center Representative cannot process a customer's application, he/she should give the customer a License/ID Application Status Form indicating the reason(s).


The Registry of Motor Vehicles offers an informal review process in each RMV Full Service Center so that an application (or accompanying document) that cannot be processed by an RMV Service Center Representative in that service center may be reviewed by the manager (or the manager’s designee). If the manager could not process the application, the customer has ten days from the time that he/she received the License/ID Application Status Form to file an appeal with the Board of Appeals. The fee for filing an appeal with the Board of Appeals is $50.