Alternative Exam Options: Person-to-Person Oral Exam

A customer can request a person-to-person oral exam (English only) for a Class D, M, or Commercial learner’s permit exam if he/she has a cognitive or physical disability.


To request an oral exam, the customer must call 857-368-8105 and leave a message that includes his/her name, telephone number, the specifics of the request, and the RMV Service Center where he/she would like to take the oral exam. The customer will then be contacted by a Registry of Motor Vehicles employee who will help schedule an exam.


At the time of the scheduled exam, the customer must provide the RMV Service Center Manager with written documentation that confirms the nature of his/her disability.  This documentation may be a doctor’s or social worker’s letter, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), or a letter from a school on official letterhead.  The customer will also need to provide all of the required identification documents.


The oral exam must be given in a private area.  The customer is not allowed to bring anybody else into the room used for the oral exam.


If the customer needs a deaf and hard of hearing translator for his/her oral exam (for Class D or M only), it must be scheduled in advance by the Driver Licensing Department.


If either the customer or the exam giver can't make the scheduled appointment for an oral exam, a supervisor is required to reschedule the exam (either for later that day or a future date).