Alternative Exam Options: Machine-Read Audio Exam

Machine-read audio exams are available through the Automated Testing System. This feature allows a customer to hear an automated voice read the test questions and possible answers through headphones connected to the Automated Testing System. Audio exams are available in multiple languages for Class D and M Exams and in English only for CDL exams (per federal regulation). The time limit for Class D and M audio exams is 25 minutes.

Anyone can choose to take an audio exam. The exam does not need to be scheduled in advance and a customer does not need to present any additional documentation to be eligible.

Customers who want to use the audio feature for their exam may bring a set of headphones to the RMV Service Center. Every Automated Testing System has a universal connection for headphones on the bottom left side of the machine. All headphones with a 3.5 millimeter headphone mini-jack (including IPod headphones) will work with the Automated Testing System.