Driver's education requirements for customers under 18 will include:

1.  A Registrar-approved driver education and training program, which includes 30 hours of classroom instruction; 12 hours of in-car, behind-the-wheel training; and six hours of in-car experience observing other student drivers

2.  An additional 40 hours of supervised, behind-the-wheel driving as shown by a certified statement provided by a parent or guardian. The Registry of Motor Vehicles will accept 30 hours of driving supervised by a parent or guardian if the applicant completed a driver skills development program.

3.  Parent or guardian participation in two hours of instruction on the driver’s education curriculum (unless they have participated within the past five years)

4.  A driver’s education final exam


A customer under 18 must obtain a Driver’s Education certificate before he/she can take the road test for both the Class D and Class M licenses or for the Class M license only.