Motorcycle Test Procedures

The customer should arrive approximately five minutes early for a scheduled motorcycle road test appointment. He/she will not be able to take the road test if he/she is late.


Before the road test, the examiner will inspect the motorcycle to ensure that it is registered, inspected, and insured properly and that all equipment is in good working order.


As a pre-road test, the examiner will assess the customer’s knowledge of motorcycle equipment and controls. For the road test, the examiner will observe the customer’s ability to operate a motorcycle. The road test will consist of the following riding skills:

1.  “Figure eights” and 360º circles in both directions without the feet touching the road

2.  Normal starts and stops

3.  Driving in traffic

4.  Crossing intersections

5.  Making turns

6.  Riding up and down hills

7.  Using hand signals